Monday, 19 October 2009

Whitby Town: Sandsend

We made our pilgrimage into Whitby town. We had been promised fine, mild weather for the week and we got it. Often there is an icy wind whipping off the North Sea into our faces but today it was as pleasant as ever a sunless October day in the North East could be. Taking advantage of the weather we went all the way along the pier walk and took some shots of the coastline.
The crowds that usually throng the streets in Spring and Summer were much thinned, though the gulls didn't seem to care what season it was. Fishing village = freshly caught fish = let's party. The cormorants in the harbour were happy to catch their own fish, thank you very much, and demonstrated how the real experts did it. We stopped to get a picture of one that had swum quite close but the bird dived under water before I could focus. We waited for the bird to surface but it must have come up on the other side of the Grand Turk.
A trip to Whitby Town wouldn't be complete without fish n' chips from the Magpie so that was the next order of the day. Harry was enjoying himself as we trekked up and down the quayside, looking in the gift shops, ducking the gulls and slurping tea in a secluded corner. A small black cat stared over its shoulder at us as it glided up some stone steps in a shadowy alley.

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