Friday, 16 October 2009

Prologue: Sandsend

This week we took a short break to Sandsend near Whitby, staying in a cottage on the Raithwaite estate. We've stayed in the area several times before though never in this location and never so late in the year. Previously our chosen haunt was an old converted schoolhouse, also in Sandsend but, sadly for us, recently renovated into a new hotel style complex painted so white any self respecting ghost would most likely pack up his chains and flit. This new location, stuffed to the rafters with mod cons, surely couldn't compete with the olde worlde, spook packed vibe of our schoolhouse could it? Stay tuned as things really are going to go bump in the night as we discover we aren't alone in our temporary new home. The mist will rise among sailors' graves, owls will hoot, bats will flutter, spectral lights will bedevil us, black cats will be shadows in the night and ghostly travelers will cross our paths in moonlight.

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