Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Phantoms: Sandsend

The mystery of the thing in the ceiling was answered by a flurry of arrival; bushy grey tail trailing, scampering hops, alert eyes, grasping paws and furiously sharp teeth. Otherwise know as The Grey Squirrel. He scrambled along the fencing to and from our cottage to take his seat on our bird table, whereupon he would lounge about stuffing his cheeks with our fat balls. When he got tired or too full he would retire to his little mezzanine apartment between floors of Home Farm. Perhaps the property description should be amended: sleeps eight plus one squirrel. Knowing it was a squirrel in the roof rather than a rat was a great improvement. And the scratching noise was never so frequent or annoying again.
Debbie decided that Home Farm wasn't very spooky. So I showed her some snaps I'd taken of the living room the evening before. I billed them as containing light anomalies. Debbie and Phil looked at them and said 'hmmm'. "Look at that pattern," I said, "in the centre of the room - see how it reoccurs in this other photograph taken from the other side of the room, looking back over the same spot.' Admittedly the spooky lights looked a lot more convincing on the camera's LCD than on these full sized shots. Though apparently Debbie later had some dreams about these 'light anomalies', and she would waste no time getting back to the living area after switching the upstairs lights off from then on.

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