Wednesday, 7 October 2009

On the frog path

When we've had a bit of rain the hills and moors above our house start soaking it up like a sponge. The next heavy downpour can't do anything else but sluice down the hill through our back gardens. Parts of the garden turn into little waterfalls, washing loose dirt and detritus off the hill onto our patio. Sometimes the water carries living things down with it as well, like this frog. Today the heavens opened and brought us two hopping visitors. One of the frogs somehow contrived to sneak into the house. It managed to evade us for a while, hiding under the furniture but eventually we managed to capture the little chap so that we could release it safe and sound outside. Then we discovered it had brought a friend (picture here & above). It seemed quite happy for a while but then it started trying to hop a four foot wall back into the garden but its hops were barely clearing a foot. We gave it a helping hand and it disappeared into the wet and green.


  1. ha-ha, the only night i don't come in for a chat and you have a good tale to tell.

  2. what nice visitors to have! Glad you could give them a helping hand back into the wild!