Monday, 16 August 2010

Raymondo Sunshine

The sun has become an infrequent visitor to our gardens in recent years. If we can't have the real thing then we have decided that we'll grow the sun. Last August I introduced Frank the Sunflower to the world. He was the shining light of the garden for a few weeks but eventually his light waned and we made him into sunflower seed bread so that the last day of August became The Day We Ate Frank. Any Frank fans can still see him by looking at last years August blog Archives or by clicking the highlighted links in this post. We still talk about Frank. He was a legend. But every legend has to step aside one day to let the new kids on the block have their day in the lime-light. This year we grew more sunflowers. We tried to grow different varieties too. One of the top shiners this year is the guy in these pictures. Let me introduce you to Raymondo Sunshine. And guess what? On the day I pointed my camera at him the real sun came barging onto the scene.

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