Saturday, 1 August 2009

Frank the Sunflower

There is only one sunflower in the gardens this year. Here he is presiding over all. He's no respecter of privacy either as he can often be seen glowering over the fence. I don't know why I'm calling it a he either. They just look like they should have a personality. Maybe I should give him a posh name like Vincent, but then again I think he looks more like a Frank. Frank is standing in for the real sun this summer so we are making the most of him while he is here.

In other news, the woodpecker was seen again recently. He landed on the lamp-post at the front of the house. I, of course, missed everything. We were also happy to welcome a garden warbler to our front tree this year, though I think he might have just been passing through. After the frenzy of the spring and early summer, the birds seem to have gone very quiet. Barring the odd sparrow and blue tit there is very little bird activity going on this week.

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  1. sunflowers all have personality but i don't think any of them are posh.... The birds have been pretty quiet round here recently too, other than the swifts, which are very noisy at times,