Friday, 20 August 2010

Canal fruit

This week I had lunch at The Boat Yard, which is a pub/restaurant/coffee bar by the canal side at Hoghton. While I was waiting for my fish and chips a bunch of kids turned up on an outdoor activity thing. Some chap took them through all the rules and safety issues and then unleashed the kids onto the water. They careened about like a bunch of multi-coloured slices of fruit bobbing about in a large trough of water. At least they've got some water to bob about on. Some parts of the canal have been allowed to run dry and are sill closed. After plenty of torrential rain this month the hose-pipe ban was lifted at last today. Water levels in reservoirs are still low but apparently they are higher than they were and water in Cumbria and North Wales is at decent levels.
It was only after the kids moved away that the true masters of the water started to reappear.


  1. Love your description "multi-colored slices of fruit"! I can just picture them bobbing about in the water. Love the pics. That first shot is so pretty...the far away hills look beautiful. And I have to say that fish & chips sound scrumptious to me right now!

  2. Very nicely done. . .and glad the real masters finally won out. They are patient for sure.
    Happy week in your part of the world!