Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Mofo on deck

Face of the week
You could be forgiven for thinking Harry was our only resident pet because I don't mention Mofo that often, mainly because Harry doesn't like him. I didn't name him by the way.
Here is how I originally introduced the guy:
"This little guy originally arrived with his own entourage and moved into the close. His followers soon realised they weren't good enough for him. They moved out and left him to fend for himself. That phrase about cats landing on their feet seems to be true as he promptly acquired new followers and moved into my sister's house. Originally we didn't know he was called Kenny so now he has two names. He has piercing green eyes. Harry and Mofo are not friends. Mofo likes tripping folk up. He likes tidying up after Harry - especially his dinner. When he hears Debbie's car he spreads himself on the drive so that he can be worshipped with all due haste. Maybe he should do this after she parks the car."


  1. Cats are rather bold, aren't they? We'll be adding one into our family soon enough...hope our doggy girl greets the puss fairly. A house isn't the same without a dog and a cat, for us :)

  2. Cats with attitude! LOL!
    He has a lovely face and i love the angle of this photo. His coat looks gorgeous too!
    Sooooo, if you didn't name him mofo, how did he get that name?

  3. I'm thinking his middle name might be 'trouble'. ;) He looks like he is looking at the camera with an 'I'm innocent' expression. See how sweet I am? :) Great face of the week, and with your commentary ...made me smile. Cats, they just have that 'tude' going on. Reminds me of my Lemme. I'm thinking he might have been named 'Mofo' before we got him at the shelter.

    Thanks so much for participating in 'Face of the Week' Michael. Loved your sister's entry as well! Have a great week.

  4. Ah yes - the typical "I didn't do it" cat excuse! Beautiful.

  5. Adorable 'face of the week' really.
    Mofo deserves better mention in your blog :) :) what would Harry say, i wonder!!

  6. My sister's bloke Phil named him Mofo. He is probably too feisty a cat to be called Kenny. At least we don't have to do the South Park jokes anymore.
    I like cats but Harry is my number one.

  7. Those eyes are amazing! Cats tend to make their own living arrangements if they can. Ours don't get the chance - they're indoor cats - only one now and he and the dogs get along really well.

  8. I love that photo! He's a gorgeous cat and probably knows it which would account for his attitude. Mofo is a great name, I think.