Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A year of Badelynge

I didn't really expect to be still writing this blog one year later but here we are. Last year on this very date I had just finished a book review of a book called The Blue Handbag that I'd won from the author in a competition. It was a fairly self indulgent review with several little personal segueways including some stuff about a woodpecker. When I'd finished I reread and thought, "Right, now edit all the personal stuff out and it will be a usable review". So I did. But I still liked the original so I decided I would start a blog of my own so that I could still post the unedited review without feeling guilty for any personal bits or whimsy I'd included. Maybe I would write a few more reviews.Before I knew it I'd introduced Harry, Mofo, the garden and a host of ducks and wildlife. During the year I would write 168 posts, inspire my sister to start her own blog, get her hooked on nature photography and I would also meet lots of fellow bloggers and their blogs along the way. At the end of that first post I wondered whether I would see the woodpecker again. Over the months we caught brief glimpses of them, we heard their drumming, we saw their empty holes but it was only this last fortnight that we would track the wonderful Greater Spotted Woodpecker back to its current home, rearing the little ones.Camera Critters
Debbie says I should make up a knock knock joke because apparently woodpeckers and knock-knock jokes go together. I hereby apologise in advance.
"Who's there?"
"Woody? You mean Woody Woodpecker. Wow I'm your biggest fan. I've seen all your shows."
"No no. This tree. It's very.... woody. Listen....."


  1. Congratulations Mick I've just entered you into the Dorset Cereals blog compo to celebrate your anniversary

  2. yeah! glad you kept it up - i definitely enjoy your blog (though i don't have quite as much time these days to check up). Love the woodpeckers!

  3. Congrats for still blogging one year later. Great shots of the woodpecker. Take care.

  4. I enjoy your posts and blog, congrats on your anniversary. Love the woodpecker pic's, they are cool bird and one of my favorites.

  5. Great pictures :) Congrats on winning the book, are you a member of

  6. Congratulations on your first year anniversary. You have a great blog here and I thoroughly enjoy your photos and commentary. Here's to the next year :)

  7. Sorry I am slow getting replies up this week. Blame it on the World Cup.
    Nikki-ann: Yes I am a member on Goodreads - My profile can be accessed by clicking on the Goodreads widget in the sidebar.

  8. Lovely birds and great shots you've taken of them :)