Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Tricksy Spring

What a bit of sun we had at the weekend. The wildlife went wild with life. The horses snorted and grazed on the hill, flicking and swishing their tails. Bees bumbled from flower to flower. Butterflies flitted on the breeze and carved their hearts onto the leaves where they settled. Blossom tugged down and blown by every turn of the air. Raucous morning singing and the clamorous requests for more food from the young birds stuffed into every crack in the wall, overhanging tile, hole in the tree or crook of the branch, was the constant music of the day. The sun climbed high and the birds grew impatient.
"It's here," the mother bird cried.
"What's here?" squawked the father bird.
"Summer, summer is here now."
"But it cant be, it was only just Christmas," the father bird protested.
"What's Christmas?" shrieked a baby bird.
"What does Christmas taste like?" shrieked his sister.
"I want to eat Christmas," another baby bird demanded.
"Never mind Christmas, Summer is here. OUT!!! OUT!!! EVERYBODY OUT!!!" the mother bird cried.
So they all flew out, in every direction but the right one. They collided with windows and tumbled from branch to branch. They would get the hang of it. Summer was here.
Summer was only visiting though. Summer was just popping in for a chat. The winds shifted and blew in from the north. Spring is a tricksy thing. The horses didn't mind though. The grass was still green. The little birds would shiver in the trees.
"Dad?" said a baby bird, between the shivers.
"What son?"
"Is this Christmas?"


  1. Beautiful photos! Such a blue sky. The bird is just lovely, do you happen to know what type it is? It has been unseasonably warm here, hitting 90 degrees in May - in Minnesota is not the norm. Plus we have been have thunderstorms and terrible humidity. We are actually looking forward to a little cooler temps. Thank you so much for continuing to participate in 'Face of the Week'! Greatly appreciated. Again, beautiful photos!

  2. Great story post and photos of your lovely chaffinch! I like to "nevermind Christmas" too and wish that summer would stay for a longer visit!

    Thanks for sharing and have a magical day!
    meggs, the desertnutmeg.

  3. What a lovely post, Michael, displaying your poetic soul. Summer did make a brief visit - maybe she'll be back.
    We used to have a lot of chaffinches but don't see many now. I think it may be because I don't put the food on the ground any more. I don't know about Harry but our dogs eat bird food with relish ;-)

  4. I love this photo and the story to go with this is wonderful. Christmas in May :) I've never seen one of these chaffinch. How beautiful. Thoroughly enjoyed this :)

  5. lovely post, yes Summer made a brief visit here over the weekend and the birds loved it,

  6. Oh, Michael...I am glad that I visited. Your story makes my heart smile! And, the photo...just perfect. I shall add me self to your list of followers and visit you again :)

  7. Its a great shot and a beatuiful story. I still do not have any luck photographing birds.

    Nice one Michael.

  8. Oh Michael,that was so Beautiful...
    I am sure the little birdies will tell this story to their babies next summer!

    Great photos too. birds are so very difficult to photograph.
    Thank you very much for visiting. hope you will come by again

  9. This post made me smile...and feel really, really happy. The photos are great - love that blue, blue sky. So thank you!

  10. Such beautiful post. Beautiful photos and story

  11. Lovely post. Spring/Summer brings out the best in Mom Nature.

  12. Micheal: Neat bird shot and now we know you can communicate with birds.

  13. Our weather has been vascillating between summer and winter, too. The birds are surely confused. But you're right, the horses don't care as long as the grass stays green!
    Cute photos and dialogue.

  14. What magical shots - spring, glorious spring!

  15. Lovely photos of the bird and the pretty sky! Great story and post!

  16. great post and lovely photos too.

  17. Fun post and that's a very pretty bird you have there.

    Thanks for visiting mine!

    PS - that is so sad about the chicks, I would prefer mine not to hatch at all than hatch and be in danger of other birds. Nature is wonderful but also so sad sometimes.

  18. A new species for me and a humorous post. I enjoyed the photos and writing very much.

  19. love all these images, the bird is very cute.

  20. WHat a cutie! Don't you love it when birds cooperate! Lol