Friday, 9 July 2010

Danger - Deep Water

This is Guide Reservoir. Not looking too full is it. So after all that wetness, snow and floods, the North West is having to implement a hosepipe ban. I know it has been a very dry spring but it seems a bit odd that we are already getting ready for water shortages.
These shots are actually taken from the back patio of a different sort of watering hole called The Willows. This pub is a relatively new addition to the small village of Guide on the southern edge of Blackburn, high on the hillside. There is another larger reservoir called Fishmoor Reservoir off to the right of this one, which looms above where I spent my school days at Blackamoor (recently demolished). I'd sit in a stuffy class room looking up at these reservoirs. Now all these years later I sit on a summer's day looking down at them, drinking my cider, wondering how much less water is in there than last time I looked. This area of Blackburn is quickly being swallowed up by more and more development, new roads and I just noticed that a Starbucks is now under construction.

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