Thursday, 18 March 2010

It takes two

The pairing up continues as spring prepares to ummm... spring. The Collared Doves were way ahead of the rest though and have been loving it up on the garden fence for weeks. Ruffled feathers and a general state of dishevelment are as good a giveaway as any, barring watching them at it. My mum calls them Billie and Ben. The Robin couple are a little more discrete but are still seen about together quite a lot. Debbie had a bit of a scare when she thought she'd seen one menaced by a swooping brown shape. I suggested it might not have been the Sparrowhawk but rather a female Blackbird wanting more of the birdseed for herself (which I've seen a few times). Thankfully the pair have since been seen together again, so unless the survivor 'moved on' very quick this looks like a happy ending. Talking of hungry predators - the Tawny Owls have been hooting up a storm in the early hours this week so we are very hopeful they'll be settling down for some chick rearing this spring in our area. Also the drumming of the Woodpeckers in the nearby woods has picked up recently - maybe we will actually get to see them a bit more this year. Still no sign of our Nuthatches though. They were sorely missed last year from our feeders with only a few making a pitstop while passing through.


  1. I love to watch the birds pairing up, collared doves are so sweet when they're courting. Up here its been obvious that the jackdaws are pairing and the swans have been dancing together

  2. Thanks for stopping by my playground. Much appreciated. Great pictures of the birds. I love owls. Never get to see them :)