Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Long-tail crew

A squadron of Long-tailed Tits sometimes flies sorties into our gardens. The bravest of which break off into a little air commando force for a lightening raid on the bird feeders in our front tree. This is normally the domain of a Sparrow colony who usually have their talons full trying to repel Blue Tit invaders. All of which seem to make themselves scarce when the Robin pops in for a snack.
The Long-tailed Tits don't hang around for long though. They fly in in a flurry of feathers and tweets, grab a quick bite and then they're off to the next target.


  1. Three quite small birds, yes? We used to have a lot of sparrows in Sydney - say 50 years ago. I hardly ever see them now. We have Noisy Miners and Common Mynahs. A few Willy Wagtails. They are our usual small urban birds.

  2. long tailed tits are one of my favourite birds, I love how when I'm walking through woodland at this time of year they come towards me instead of away...