Tuesday, 1 December 2009

That was us

So roll back time to the very early 1970s and this is what you get. This is my sister and myself taking a short break from whatever imaginary world we had conjured up for the afternoon. These fields at the back of the flats we lived in back then were the scene of many a James Bond spy mission, or battle for Parkwood, or if the world didn't need saving that week we might just relax and start up the Debbie and Michael Taxi Service with our fleet of one blue pedal car and trike.


  1. Looks like i'm auditioning for the part of Austin Power's sidekick.Yeah baby!!!

  2. You both have/had a most appealing imagination.

  3. the 70's were great! full of style and colour and design ... the 80's .... hmmmmmm ... well, we lived through it I guess. Any 80's pics to share?? :)