Sunday, 27 September 2009

Shady ducks

Here's my first Shadow Shot Sunday picture brewed up by Mark and myself. These ducks are catching a bit of shade in the afternoon.


  1. And a great first shot it is! Welcome to the fun! Love the ducks!



  2. Awww....what cute duckies!

    So why did the duck cross the road?
    Because the chicken was having a day off.

    Sorry I'm going through a very bad joke phase at the moment. Hope it passes soon! I promise no more ;)

    Thanks a bunch for joining in Shadow Shot Sunday!

  3. Welcome to the fun that you can be addicted §;-)

    Did you let this duckies go around? Hmmm... watch them out. Cars are in the road.

    They're cuties huh? Seems sun really offer you a very good shine today.

    Happy SS

  4. Where the ducks waddle
    in pools of shadow, follow—
    they will lead you home.

    My Shadow Shot

  5. So sad that our footprint has crossed over to the wild side and taken away vital habitat for our feathered friends...but it's still fun to watch our waddling feathered friends...have a great day!