Friday, 11 September 2009

Lucky Bun

I got my new camera yesterday. Here is the first test shot I did last night. So this tested the camera but more importantly it got Lucky Bun in on the action. No I haven't flipped out. This chap really is lucky. When I tried to boot up my newly delivered high spec computer (for the time) about a decade ago... well nothing. It woudn't work. Debbie didn't know this but she happened to come round with a lucky mascot for my new computer. I placed the fluffy thing next to the monitor and gave the misbehaving PC another go before I got on the phones. It worked first time. In fact it never stopped working. It never needed a visit to the repair shop ever. It's still working. I can't get rid of the thing. So thumbs up to Lucky Bun - keep doing your stuff dude.

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