Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Plans and vans

If you own one of these things - a VW Camper Van - and you happen to be driving through Blackburn you might just encounter a red headed woman with a big smile on her face. Oh and she'll probably be waving at you. Well no, she won't be waving at you, she will actually be waving at your van. She loves them. She doesn't have one herself but she does dream about owning one. Camper Van monthly actually takes precedence over Gardener's World monthly. Her guru is a guy called Steve Nolan who restores VW camper vans. If you haven't guessed by now, the woman I'm talking about is my sister Debbie. The van in the pictures was just minding its own business on a forecourt carpark when it was spotted by Debbie. Out came the camera and she buzzed around it like paparazzi around Angelina Jolie, snapping away from every angle. One day she will own one of these things and we will all pile into it, drive to Loch Ness after following directions supplied by a spooky old man predicting doom and muttering about pesky kids, and when we get there Harry will discover that the monster was just a carefully planned hoax to scare tourists away from some pirate's treasure.

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