Thursday, 29 May 2014

Fiver's Dream

Due to inevitable health issues this is probably the last year for me at my Bunker Hill abode. All that's holding me here now are a bunch of those invisible bureaucratic legal tangles we humans love to cast about ourselves. Anyhow it gives me a bit of time to say farewell to all the neighbours that have made the place such a fine retreat. Remember that Summer you came to stay for a few days - the garden never forgot, that's for sure. So good-bye buns. Keep on filling that hill with life and long may your afternoons be sunny and predator free. Keep a good eye, and twitch that nose, and always have one ear to the ground. Stay safe folks. I hope Fiver's dream never comes this way but I fear that one day they'll run out of green bits to paint white and even Bunker Hill will fall. Until then..... stop chewing your toes while I'm speechifying... bye buns.


  1. Yeah but hopefully I will still be here and you and mum get a nice haven in lovely surroundings. Pictures look great now that you cropped them down

  2. Yah, zat good plan. Zen ve go beeg vater!!!!

  3. Hope there are bunnies there for many years to come and hope you have somewhere else nice to live!