Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spring is Found

Camera Critters

My dog discovered Spring,
Though it wasn't hard to find.
It's carried on the air,
The song of feathered kind.
Soon the blossom,
The hungry nests,
Life rioting all around.
It cannot hide
This tide of life.
My dog barks,"Spring is found."
Michael Finn


  1. Lucky dog! Lucky you too. I really miss daffodills -- we are in Florida and don't have the Spring flowers we were used to in the Pacific Northwest. (I don't miss gray rainy winters, but I do miss the Spring that follows them.)

  2. I love the photo and the poem. Glad you found spring.

  3. Clever dog! Lovely contrast between the black dog and the sunny, yellow daffodil. Your spring looks a tad more advanced than ours, but I look forward to those days of daffodils as well.

  4. Cute critter.

    Will you visit my entry, pretty please?

  5. How beautiful! Well done.
    Here is mine.