Monday, 24 January 2011

The Quick and the Dead

I know it's a grim picture. I've mentioned our sparrowhawks many time on this blog, so it is with some sadness that we discovered the dead body of this young juvenile. He's obviously dived full force into one of our front windows in quest of another song bird for his lunch. He or others like him have done the same thing many times before but always in the past they've dusted themselves off after waiting for their eyes to clear of spinning stars and flown off to nurse a headache and bide their time for another foray. I'm not going to join the little birds at their celebration party because it is sad and even though I know they kill lots of little birds I also know they are part of the natural order and have been for thousands of years. The reason most of our little birds are so quick, agile and acrobatic is because they are the sons and daughters of the quickest, most agile and acrobatic of their neighbours. It's all evolution.

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