Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Sir Nigel Gresley

On our last full day in North Yorkshire we visited Grosmont which along with the steam railway station is also the location of the North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group and their engine shed. We were lucky to see the Sir Nigel Gresley, a restored Gresley A4 Pacific, named after its designer. It's the same type of train as the Mallard, the holder of the official world speed record for steam locomotives at 125.88 mph. To get round the back of the engine shed you have to make your way through a long tunnel.On the way back to the station one of the other locomotives steamed past us.
We watched more trains steaming in and out of the station until it started raining and we made our way back to Palmers over the North Yorkshire Moors.


  1. I do like a Steam train - no idea why - it can't be nostalgia as I'm just to young for them. Great pictures, thanks.

  2. I can just imagine the sound of the steam engine as it chugged past you. What a wonderful place. Makes me wish we weren't such a high tech world...we need to step back to simpler times, now and then to get our perspective back.