Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Leveller

Guest photographer on Badelynge this week is a friend called Neil Bury. Sorry this took a while to get posted. Neil's photography can be viewed at this flickr address: This shot is of the Chinese entry in the Fireworks World Championship at Blackpool. I like how the fireworks are reflected in the sea. Anyhow check out his site because there is some unbelievable aviation photography on there. If you prefer the original aviators (those of a feathered kind) I can recommend his Gigrin Farm folder for the beautiful Red Kites.


  1. A beautiful photo - I love the reflections of the fireworks on the water.

  2. Superb shot. I didn't know Blackpool hosted the world championships, I didn't even know there were world championships. That has GOT TO be great!

  3. I really like the white light reflecting down through the water. The fireworks are nice too.