Friday, 19 June 2009

Bombus and the impostor

We're not easing off on the save the bees strategies this year. These little guys are massively important in our ecosystem. Here is a white tailed bumblebee visiting one of Debbie's foxgloves. We're trying to provide nesting places as well as favouring plants they like. My sister and my dad are the hands on gardeners in my family. Debbie is my resident horticultural expert (she watches Gardener's World y'know). She loves being able to name flowers at a glance, although she still makes the odd gaffe. She's been envious of a flower in a neighbour's garden recently. The other day she was passing that way hoping to catch the neighbour to ask about getting a cutting. She was in luck - the woman was talking to a friend.
"Excuse me. Could you tell me what that flower is?" Debbie asked.
"It's a rose," the woman replied.
"Oh, but..."
"It's plastic! I told my husband it would look ridiculous!"
The neighbour's friend exclaimed incredulously,"I've been admiring that for ages!"
Debbie slunk away.

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